The protagonist in Point Reyes, California ©Dina Laquaglia

The Nutshell's Content

Innate creativity, intuition, an eye for detail, and love for producing exceptional work drive and reward me.

I was the kid that watched all the TV commercials while the others would rush to refill their cereal bowls or use the bathroom before the show started again. I'd pay as much attention to the advertising campaigns as I did to the cartoons; noticing when words were added or removed, when the locations changed, or the props, or the actors, or the logos, or the colors. Picking up on these subtleties and hypothesizing about the rationale behind them was a game at which I excelled.

In my 17+ years of professional experience I have successfully worn many hats: Production Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist, Copywriter, Animator, Photographer, Image Retoucher, Editor, Art Director, Art Supervisor, DIY Renaissance Man, Devil's Advocate, and Voice of Reason (to name only a few and in no particular order). In my spare time, I run a soup kitchen for juncos, squirrels, crows, and assorted jays.