The protagonist in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California ©Dina Laquaglia

The Nutshell's Content

Preferring the drawing board to the boardroom, I have absolutely no problem or issue with making other people look good from behind the scenes.

I was the kid that watched all the TV commercials while the others would rush to refill their cereal bowls or use the toilet before the show started again. I'd read all the ads in the comic books. I'd listen to the all promos on the radio. It's all entertainment to me. It's all entertaining. At heart, I'm an entertainer and a storyteller with stories to tell/assist in the telling.

In my 20+ years of professional experience I have successfully worn many hats: Production Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, Animator, Photographer, Copywriter, Editor, Devil's Advocate, and Voice of Reason (to name only a few and in no particular order). In my spare time, I run a soup kitchen for squirrels, crows, and assorted jays.